NY EI Contracts

Want to get 100% Reimbursement

from NYS Early Intervention

for your Skilled Services?

The easiest way to get approval from New York State is here!

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I know how it feels.

You know what you need to do to make the most out of your career in early intervention, but for some reason, it seems impossible! Burnout, Low Pay, Toxic Employers, Politics...

It's not your fault.

Now, after years of trying to figure it out on your own, it's time for you to break free from the cycle. In this NY EI Contracts Mentorship course, I'll give you the steps you need to do to move forward and finally create the professional life that you've been waiting for.

NY Early Intervention funds are already set aside for our skilled services.

State Allocated funds are waiting for you

while children are desperately waiting for your skilled intervention!

It's time for you to increase your pay for skilled services

without losing your mind in the

super frustrating NYS approval process

For me, getting my independent contract with NYS started out as an extra income stream. I am a solopreneur SLP private practice owner, and at the time, I was looking for more cases.

I was frustrated with how much the agencies took

off the top, for our hard work.

Then, I realized I could contract with NYS Directly as an Independent Provider, and get 100% of the reimbursement.

I now have an abundance of referrals.

The best part?

I'm changing little lives, but I have boundaries.

I set my own hours, and work as much or little as I want.

I have cut out the middle man,

only take the cases that light me up, and have

increased my weekly revenue by thousands!

I can show you how to Be Your Own EI Boss too.

Receipts or it didn’t happen?

I got you.

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I billed 54 sessions ... that was 27 hours of session time.

You can make back your investment in the first week.

Be Inspired

To be the Professional You Want, Treat your clients the way you know is best, and make the Most of Your Professional Career.

Be Empowered

You can learn how to be your own boss, or you can just take some cases on the side. Choose your own Adventure!

Find Your Ideal Cases

You can take whatever cases you want that are available within your treatment areas. Travel where YOU Want!

Release the Past

Give up the Toxic Employers: Stop Struggling with Low Pay and even Lower Respect!


You could figure out

how to contract with the state on your own...

The truth is,

Most Applicants Give Up long

Before They’re Approved...

The process was months of confusion, tears, stress, mistakes, and corrections.

I almost gave up multiple times.

I later learned that "most applicants get stuck at the same place" from my Key Contact at NYS.

I created this roadmap because I desperately googled and called NYS for any shred of guidance.

I did not find any information online to help me through this state contracting process.

I even asked my "key contact" at the state if there were any resources for someone struggling like me.

She said "No, but if You find one, Let Me Know- MOST APPLICANTS GIVE UP BY NOW"

The approval process seems as if it were designed to discourage us from taking control of our careers this way!

Think about it... why would the big agencies want you to know this?

This is why I'm on a mission to help professionals like us...

With my Mentorship, you can get through the approval process faster, with less frustration and confusion, without any tears!

You'll get exclusive access to my Key Contacts within the state approval departments:

vetted professionals who know

the approval process in and out.

Be Empowered to Grow & Learn

This is all possible when you stop trying to do

everything on your own...

What if you could finally stop wasting your precious time...

Follow my Proven Plan, and Avoid Frustrating Mistakes and Delays. Don't Waste Any More Time with Low Pay from Agencies for the same work. You can Do This and Make the Money You Deserve!

The State Approval process is not for the faint of heart.

According to my Key Contact at New York State,

Most providers get super frustrated and give up before approval.

Mentorship is for YOU if...

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YOU WANT TO... take back control over your career and cut out the agency middle man

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YOU'RE TIRED OF... Low Pay, Toxic Employers, Long Hours, Inconvenient Travel, and lack of respect for your professional autonomy

YOU DREAM OF... Increasing your Revenue on the Side of your job, or Being Your Own Boss & Leaving your Job One Day

YOU'RE READY TO... Follow a proven roadmap for success that lets you take control of your career

No more staying stuck or figuring it all out on your own.

You were not meant to walk this path alone...

This path to state approval is incredibly complicated without a mentor. It seems intentionally confusing, and most professionals seeking approval give up out of frustration.

Let Me Help You on your path to the financial freedom you've always wanted out of your profession. There are an abundance of children waiting for help right now, and not enough providers to help them all.

I can help you Be your Own EI Boss too,

without the stress of private practice!

If I Look Familiar...

That’s because I am!

Say Hello to Your Mentor,

CEO: Wordwise Speech

IG: @wordwisespeech

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NY EI Contracts






This will give you the exact, step-by-step-roadmap for becoming an Independent NYS EI Provider without the Stress & Aggravation, or Giving Up!

What's Included

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Six in Depth Modules

To ensure the process is easy for you to complete. We even do an application review to ensure you're applying right the first time.

Course Handouts & Forms

Access to the correct forms at the correct time. Templates include: cover letter, identification of myself as your mentor & sponsor for the state, access to CEUs, and more!

Printable Correspondence Workbook

This process can be downright confusing. That's why I teach you to be organized from the start. You'll keep detailed records of everything NYS tells you during the application.

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Exclusive Access to Key Contacts

Talk to the right people, in the right departments, at the right time to reduce run around and misinformation. Go straight to the experts!

Here's an Insiders Look at What You'll Learn:

Number 1

Module 1:

Creating Organized Systems

Number 2

Module 2:

Applying Correctly

Number 3

Module 3:

Waiting Game & Correcting Errors

Number 4

Module 4:

Approval? Not Quite!

Number 5

Module 5:

Finally an

Approved Provider

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Beyond Approval:

First Clients & Growth Level Course

PLUS, You'll Also Get Access to...

Printable download

Course Forms

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what's inside

All the forms and documents you need to get started, templates for cover letters, personal attesting statements, and naming a mentor

(psst, its me, hi. I'm your mentor, it's me!).

Printable download

Correspondence Log

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what's inside

Printable Course Workbook for logging conversations, keeping your records and important numbers straight for when you need them,

for your reference

Course Videos

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what's inside

These videos are provided as a demonstration for how to fill out the related forms accurately from the start, avoiding costly mistakes.


1:1 Support Coaching Calls

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what's inside

6 Free 1:1 Coaching Calls included with VIP LEVEL

Limited time offer, Book direct 1:1 coaching with me that is personalized for your exact application journey!

Just imagine what it will feel like when...

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You are in control of your schedule, travel areas, caseload, and free from toxic employers!

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You are making an extra $1,000+ per week, with the potential for $10k months, and six figures without working 40hrs a week.

You are fairly compensated for your skilled interventions, and finally feel like your work matters!

Sounds AMAZING, Let's do this!


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6 Learning Modules

We even do an application review to ensure you're applying right the first time. We organize all the steps for you.

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Course Handouts & Forms

Access to the correct forms at the correct time. Templates include: cover letter, identification of a mentor, access to CEUs, and more!

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Printable Correspondence Workbook

This process can be downright confusing. That's why I teach you to be organized from the start. You'll keep detailed records of everything NYS tells you during the application.

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Exclusive Access to Key Contacts

Talk to the right people, in the right departments, at the right time to reduce run around and misinformation. Go straight to the experts!

That's right. Everything you need to navigate New York State's Approval Process & Take your Power Back as a Professional!

Choose the pricing that works best for you

VIP Mentorship: $799

Self-Paced DIY: $375

Individual Coaching: $150/hr

VIP-Level Support, for those who Want It All & Then Some!

Includes six 1:1 Coaching Calls, Beyond Approval & Success in Billing & Beyond Bonus Module!

Just the Basics, for those who want to Cut Costs.

Includes all modules & templates, but no coaching calls. Does not include Success in Billing Bonus Module.

Book a Coaching Call Whenever You Need!

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Start now, the process takes months!

NYS Early Intervention Contracts Mentorship

6 part Program

6 Modules that will help you step by step.

I will personally review your application thoroughly before submission, provide helpful templates, allow you to name me as your mentor for the state paperwork, and get you set up for success!

VIP Program with modules & unlimited coaching calls $799

Our Hybrid Model, for those who want Flexibility.

Schedule Coaching Calls when and if you need them. Each call includes corresponding Module custom fit to your needs.

Alternate Call Length Pricing: $75/30 min $115/45 min $150/60 min

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sounds AMAZING! Is this right for me?

This program is right for you if you are a skilled professional, licensed in New York, and love working early intervention.This program will show you how to get contracts directly from NYS to bill for your skilled services.

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Can I hire a subcontractor?

Nope! This mentorship program is for individual clinicians, solopreneurs and professionals looking to cut out the middleman. The approval is only for yourself, not your LLC, and you cannot subcontract... YET. There will be an AGENCY LEVEL APPROVAL course coming soon!

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Can I share this information?

Absolutely Not. Mentees will sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect proprietary information and trade secrets. You may use materials and education provided for your individual early intervention business, but you may not disseminate or reproduce any information presented via written, video, print, social media, email etc.

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What day/time are the coaching Calls?

We will schedule coaching calls with access to accompanying module. Let us know your preferred days and times! We sometimes schedule 2 coaching calls during month/module 1-2, as the application process is nuanced!

How long will this take to go through?

The approval process will take anywhere from 3-6 months depending on how quickly you send requested items back to the state. Mistakes cost you time! Be sure to follow the process and instructions to decrease errors.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No. No refunds, No money back, No exceptions.

All Sales are Final.

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